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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Где холодильник?

This week, my homework for grammar consisted of:

Вопрос: Где холодильник?

Ответ: Я повез его на ремонт

(Where is the fridge? I have taken it to be fixed).

I think this is wrong.

It should be:

Вопрос: Где холодильник?

Ответ: Холодильник здесь.. Hа самом деле я сижу в холодильнике. Он называется Санкт-Петербург.
(Where is the fridge? The fridge is is here. In fact, I am sitting in the fridge. It is called St Petersburg).

We are expecting snow soon. The first snows have already hit Petrozavodsk and Yaroslavl, neither of which is far from here. I am wearing a hat and scarf indoors and slept last night in said hat and my largest wool cardigan. I was still cold. I have resorted to holding onto the bottom of my porridge bowl in the morning after I have finished it in order to make use of the residual heat.

It is downhill from here.

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