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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Vote for my blog!

Hello chaps,

So excited to announce my nomination for the blog competition and I need YOUR help to help me win it! It's simple, just press the button below and you will be taken straight to the site to vote. 

The prize for the top 3 blogs is a charitable donation in the winners' name to provide education for girls in developing countries. As you can probably gather from my previous posts and if you know me in person, this is a cause I am hugely passionate about, so it would mean a huge amount if I was able to provide this.

Normal blog service will resume tomorrow - I need to pop to the supermarket right now though!

Vote your favorite IX13 blog


  1. Good luck, Fliss. I hope, you will win. Your blog is really great. :))

  2. Carry on, Fliss.... Moscow is keeping fingers crossed.... :-))))
    Hope you'll win. Your blog 'bout Russia is really sincere and without any cliches and prejudice. Thank you. Good luck...

  3. I hope you'll win!
    Good luck :)

  4. Your blog has given a lot of friends from Russia for you. Now you win!