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Saturday, 15 June 2013

I wondered lonely as a cloud

Hello again,

Do not panic, my dear readers, I have not forgotten about you. I am currently travelling around Europe on my first (shamefully) interrail experience.
I didn't take a gap year before university as I wanted to make the next step, but I feel now like I have much to see in the world and am now brave enough to discover it.

As such then, I have been drafting my first proper "travel" blog posts in my trusty little black book and am planning a few posts on my cultural observations.

I am looking forward to writing these up and sharing them with you all.

But that is for another day when my keyboard is not Italian (I'm currently in Florence) and actually has a working spacebar (this post has taken a disproportionate amount of time to write, you have no idea).

Also, while I am still here

This is my friend Emily's blog. She has been spending her year abroad in the Orion Children's Village in Kitezh. She is fantastically artistic and creative, as well as a fantastic wit. I have had to stop reading her blog in public places as it causes me to erupt into the most raucous laughter so as to disrupt anyone in the near vicinity.

http://happymollusc.tumblr.com/ - A fantastic blog


Good evening everyone,

So I am a nosy parker - but I think we established this a long time ago. I am the sort of person that is utterly fascinated with other people's success stories and how they live their lives - goodness knows this is part of why I do a language degree, so that I can see how other cultures do it too, by speaking their language!

At the moment I am in the process of finding myself, as are the majority of 21 year olds. Perhaps this term is thrown around a bit these days, but I consider my "finding myself" in its most recent manifestation to be reading economics books and Intelligent Life magazine while wearing the heels that I am determined to be able to walk in and thinking about all the possible feminist allegories that may go with it. That, and eating more carbohydrates than could possibly be good for me and considering how to become more pretentious and a self made millionaire by 25 so I can keep my parents well stocked in truffle oil. Busy times, then.

You can consider this to be the reasoning behind why my posts have been much more about myself and my personal development of late. I've noticed that I have been writing far less about French culture than I have about Russian culture, but you can be assured that my cultural posts will resume in a few weeks' time after I have been interrailing. (Again, cliche - but probably the one of the best experiences you can have in life. So I am told, of course).