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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Dobriy den, tovarishi!

Hello chaps,
So I'm still alive. Surviving off borsch, plov and instant pasta at the moment. Yesterday went around St Petersburg - saw the Bronze Horseman and Nevsky Prospekt which was a nice. I love St Petersburg, it's so much more laid back than Moscow and it's very pretty in a Russian kinda way (lots of churches). I'm staying in a hostel with a basic kitchen and one shower for all the women on the floor, but it's clean and very warm - not bad for £10 a night!
Went to a 'Stolovaya' (cheap self service canteen with great Russian food) for lunch yesterday - managed to get a starter, a main and a drink for around £2.50. It was pretty delicious actually and filled me up for the rest of the day.
Getting here was fine for me, was up at the relatively social hour of 5.45 and the flight was uneventful. Some of my coursemates didn't get so lucky though as they lost their luggage and only received it today - 2 days after arriving!
My life at the moment consists of passport photos and giving money to admin services. I'm looking forward to establishing a good routine.

Is it weird that I can't wait for it to get cold so that I can wear a HUGE shapochka without feeling like an idiot? (Russian hat)My main concern at the moment is learning how to fit in, rather than standing out as a lost tourist. I think I'm very lucky to have spent a month in Russia before now as the culture shock is less than it would otherwise be.

I've also been eaten alive by Komari (mosquitoes) - St Petersburg is rife with them. I've been bitten on my eyelid so I look like I have a black eye. Not a good look.


  1. Loving this post. Feeling you about the mosquitoes, they've got me so many times. If you need any advice, etc. gimme a shout and I'll do my best for you. :) xxx

  2. Awesome bro. Skazhitye, zachem tvoy gorod tak holodno?!

    Hope Germanny is bare jokes x

  3. Ew - mosquitos are bastards. You are unlucky to have the sweet blood. Can you buy the weird little electric plug in with cardboard tablets that KILL THE EVIL MOSQUITOES? If Greece has them - and Greece has at least three different varieties - Russia surely must?