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Thursday, 21 February 2013

A huge thank you!

Hello chaps,

As many of you know by now, I have in fact won the iX13 blog competition! I can't believe it, frankly and I have a lot of thanks to give. I'm a humble British girl, so this one is going to drag on. Sorry, but not sorry! Allow me this indulgence, it's my birthday (week).

Firstly, to all of you for reading this ol' thing in the first place - it would not be successful if you didn't! I can't tell you how much I love receiving your comments - they make me smile and make me think. Good news for all anti-wrinkle cream companies ;)

Secondly, to Meri Sorgaard and the team at bab.la for getting in touch with me about the competition and for choosing my blog to be nominated. It was a surprise and a real honour to hear from you and your work is fantastic. I hope to hear from you guys again in the future.

Thirdly, to my wonderful friends and family and all of you who have posted and retweeted and promoted this blog - it is testament to each of you that this blog won. To all of you who have sent me messages saying "I sent your blog to my nanna" - and all your nannas for reading it.. To those of you who have recounted stories of secretly reading it in the back of a lecture theatre and showing it to those nearby (you know who you are, M Assheton) - thank you.

Fourthly, I want to give a mention to the other competitors - all of your blogs were fantastic, and goodness knows it was stiff competition. Keep it up, all of you, I am a nosey parker and I love reading about other people's travels.

Fifthly, to the Russian translators' forum - you know who you are, especially you, Tomilo - who found this blog in November and translated it into Russian. You guys gave me a mild heart attack when I saw the amount of traffic I was getting in a week. It is you lot who inspire me to keep this thing up the most - I feel like I'm actually doing something right for once and it is such an honour that Russian people read my misguided generalisations about Russia - and appreciate them. I want to thank you for the hospitality I received in your country and I wish you all good health.

Sixthly, to Lizzie Fane and her team at ThirdYearAbroad.Com, for inspiring me to even start writing this blog in the first place. Keep up the amazing work you do for all current and future year-abroaders!

So thanks everyone and I promise to try not to write too much rubbish in the future!

I'm going to England tomorrow to eat cake with my cat. I daresay I've earned it.

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  1. Hi, Fliss!
    Sincere and warm congatulations from Russia!
    You have done it!!! :-)))
    BTW, Do not stop your writing!!!! )))
    May be you'll be a writer... )))
    But seriously...who knows.
    Hope you'll visit Russia again.
    Good luck...