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Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Since you've all been good this week, I'll post now instead. Laziness gets you nowhere.

Here's a few holiday snaps. I've not taken too many as frankly the weather has been terrible for the most part!

The lovely Place Plumereau in the heart of Vieux Tours

A pavement cafe and local speciality sweet shop in Place Plumereau, Vieux Tours. I like this one because there is some sort of animation in the people going about their daily business.

Lecture fuel, French style! A double espresso with chantilly cream. I was bouncing off the walls. Necessary for 2 hours of Philosophy followed by 3 hours of International Law!

A rare sunny day, on the banks of the Loire river, which is the main artery through Tours.

The Chateau de Tours, which receives presidents and houses exhibitions.


  1. Lovely pictures :) but you should make them bigger so we can see them better!xx

  2. If you click on them, they enlarge - for me anyway, not sure if my being admin makes any difference.